Top Kitchen Design Trends 2022
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Top Kitchen Design Trends 2022

For a long time, when individuals hired home remodeling contractors, the focus was not always on the kitchen. This is an area of the home that was not a central point and simply used as a place to create meals and wash dishes, but in 2022 there is an understanding that the kitchen is just as essential as anywhere else in the home.

Individuals are now streamlining this area to reflect their style and offer a sense of beauty unlike any other space, so here are some growing kitchen design trends to consider in 2022.


White has always been a safe option for kitchen areas, but this may not be right for everyone. If you are considering doing a kitchen renovation, one of the growing trends for 2022 is the use of color. Keeping the focus on making them easily pairable with neutral colors or natural woods for the cabinets can offer a bold and sleek look for the kitchen area.

Streamlined Design

There are many styles out there, including mid-century modern or farmhouse, but homeowners are starting to look for more streamlined options for aesthetics. Choosing alternative designs and materials helps create simplicity and offers clean lines and lower stress levels because this means less maintenance to care for.

Efficient Storage

One of the biggest issues might be unnecessary cabinet materials creating a larger waste of potential space. The standard design does not function well in most updated kitchens, so one idea you could focus on is the storage aspect. Enhancing the area by installing small appliance garages, spice pullouts, caddies, and roll-out trays can help reduce excess storage.

Ceramic Over Hardwood Flooring

Even in 2022, hardwood flooring is still trendy, but ceramic is starting to gain extra attention because it comes in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles. This material can even be made to resemble hardwood flooring, so if you are still looking for the aesthetic but want less maintenance, you might consider upgrading.

Open Shelves

One benefit to open shelving is that it creates an expansive environment for storage and items you want to display. It can reduce cleaning difficulty and make an ideal focal point for a wine bar or coffee station.

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There can be many reasons to upgrade your kitchen, and whether it is looking outdated or you would like to increase the value for a future sale, we can help. Redebu Builders are your local professionals whether you are looking for home additions, bathroom remodeling ideas, or anything in between.

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