Top 13 Kitchen Design Trends of 2023
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Top 13 Kitchen Design Trends of 2023

When Minnesota homeowners hire our expert remodeling contractors, the kitchen is often the biggest project in the home needing an overhaul.

It’s the central point of your house – much more than a place to cook and wash dishes. The kitchen is where you nourish yourself and your family, and its design and layout can impact your daily habits and mood.

Streamlining your kitchen for your lifestyle and updating the interiors to match your personal aesthetics starts with understanding your options. Our experts recommend getting inspired by trends old and new, which will help you get a better sense of your preferences.

Here are 13 kitchen design trends that are making a splash in 2023!

1. Thoughtful Color

White has always been a safe option for kitchen areas, but this may not be right for everyone. If you are considering doing a kitchen renovation, be thoughtful about the use of color.

Your cabinets are the perfect place to start. Choosing a neutral color like white or natural wood for the cabinets offers a bold and sleek look for the kitchen area, while complementing most color schemes.

On the other hand, maybe you want colorful cabinets to be the focal point of your kitchen remodel. Select this color first, as every other color in your design should be planned around the cabinetry color.

2. Custom Lighting

The lighting you choose for your kitchen is crucial, and one of the growing trends for 2023 is to create one-of-a-kind designs.

This is done through traditional and high-tech materials, which offer an innovative utilization of softer materials, like cloth or even marble, to complement the kitchen aesthetics.

Hanging pendants and retro lighting designs are taking center stage to create more character and add a beautiful ambiance to the entire space.

3. Smart Home Tech

Technology is part of your daily life, and one of the most popular trends for 2023 is to incorporate smart tech into the kitchen area.

Whether you invest in a smart oven that can preheat, a fridge that offers a look inside while you're shopping, or have your morning cup of coffee ready when you come downstairs, home automation trends are favorite additions.

4. Multi-Functional Layouts

Minimalism is also continuing to be popular  in 2023, which means making the most of the space and creating a multi-functional area. To accomplish this, you need a kitchen remodeling company like Redebu Builders that understands functional design.

Whether it's turning your kitchen island into a dining space or designing a layout with easy-to-store appliances, a well-crafted, multi-functional design keeps the kitchen more organized while reducing the amount of space needed.

5. Vintage Materials

Vintage and retro items offer timeless charm and can vary in ambiance, colors, and textures. In 2023, homeowners are celebrating the styles of the 50s, 60s, and 70s with unique pops of color, patterns, and mid-century modern furniture and decor.

Adding accents to the kitchen space, such as bistro tables and colorful appliances, helps create a playful and historic feeling to make the area stand out.

6. Double Islands

One trend that's growing in popularity is investing in a double island instead. Several different designs are available, including parallel islands where each unit has its function.

Side by side islands help break up the traditional longer option and wrap around in the shape of a circle or an L, making it easier for food preparation, eating, and entertaining.

7. Simple Design Aesthetics

There are many bold interior styles out there, but some homeowners look for more streamlined options in their home aesthetics. Choosing a minimalist design and materials helps create simplicity and peace in your home environment, not to mention lower stress levels when it also means less maintenance.

8. Efficient Storage

One of the most common kitchen issues for homeowners is storage. Remodelers are enhancing these areas by installing small appliance garages, spice pullouts, caddies, roll-out trays, and other efficient storage solutions that maximize space.

9. Ceramic Flooring

Even in 2023, hardwood flooring is still trendy. But ceramic is starting to gain extra attention, because it comes in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles.

Ceramic flooring can even be made to resemble hardwood, so if you are still looking for the aesthetic but want less maintenance, you might consider upgrading.

10. Open Shelves

Open shelving instantly creates an expansive environment for storage and items you want to display. It can reduce cleaning difficulty and make an ideal focal point for a wine bar or coffee station.

11. Zellige Tile

Zellige tile is glazed terracotta and is typically handmade in Morocco. Because of how they are prepared, each tile has a unique texture, glaze, and color, and no two tiles are similar.

They offer a unique and stunning appearance while at the same time being easy to maintain and create a wash of patterns and surprising contrasts for your kitchen space in 2023.

12. Contrasting Countertops

If you're looking for additional texture in the kitchen area, one trend is mixing different dimensions for contrasting countertops.

Trends including butcher block with soapstone or two-tone colors create unique and brilliant aesthetics to give your kitchen space a bold or dramatic look you will love!

13. Butler's Pantries

Butcher's pantries are making a huge comeback in 2023 because they provide a dedicated space traditionally used for storing silver and cleaning items.

However, they have advanced in the modern day, and these pantries can be built directly into the kitchen space as shelving or a pantry area. They serve as an excellent storage option for items like microwaves and toasters, and keeping the countertop clutter to a minimum.

Kitchen Remodeling Services Based in Independence, MN

There can be many reasons to upgrade your kitchen, and whether it is looking outdated or you would like to increase the value for a future sale, we can help.

Redebu Builders, your local kitchen remodeling professionals, are ready to assist with your home additions, bathroom remodeling ideas, or anything in between. See some beautiful design options in our portfolio and gather your inspiration.

We don't compromise on quality, so contact us online or at 612-298-4302 for your free estimate!

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