Top 12 Bathroom Design Trends of 2022
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Top 12 Bathroom Design Trends of 2022

Every area of your home serves an essential purpose, and you want each room to be a reflection of your style. When it comes to considering a master bathroom remodel, you might be wondering how to make it a more stylish part of the home.

Several ideas are becoming hot trends, and we have listed some ideas here for creating a space with aesthetics you truly enjoy!

1. Warmer Neutrals

The shade you choose sets the tone for the rest of your bathroom remodel. Grey has run its course, and in 2022, designers have been embracing warmer neutral tones like terracotta, beige, tan, and natural wood, which create a softer tone in the room.

2. Vintage Furniture

Some things never go out of style – or they eventually come back around again. Vintage furniture, especially mid-century modern pieces, have been having a moment for quite some time now.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can capitalize on this trend by incorporating small vintage furniture pieces, such as tub side tables or a small dresser. These items add character and personality while fostering a sense of comfort and familiarity.

3. Patterns

With all the products available on the market, white bathrooms aren’t the only way to stand out. Bolder color options and fun patterns have been trending in 2022, creating more personalized spaces that reflect the homeowner's style.

4. Industrial Accents

Interesting touches and unique qualities are trendy in 2022, which is why industrial-style  bathroom spaces are taking hold. The concept is based on the New York style look with brass accents, rustic accessories, and exposed brick to create a unique contrast and alternative finish.

5. Spa Quality

Luxury is becoming more and more expensive, so why not create a spa-like environment in the comfort of your home bathroom? Keeping your overall design simplified yet thoughtfully functional can enhance the area to give it a more luxurious feeling.

Shower and bath combinations are being reinvented, such as dual shower heads where two people can simultaneously bathe, or wet rooms that offer an interior shell. Work with an experienced bathroom remodeler to view the latest options!

6. Oversized Tiles

Along with bolder and warmer colors, the trendiest bathrooms in 2022 include oversized tiles. This can make the space feel larger and more luxurious, especially when applied to the walls.

Oversized tile gives the room a sleeker look. Colors including white and black can help create a dramatic contrast without making the space feel overwhelming or busy.

7. Freestanding Tubs

Long gone are the days of the tub being cramped in the corner of the bathroom, because freestanding tubs are making a comeback. They offer a modern design, are considered more comfortable than traditional tubs, and create a focal point in the bathroom as an eye-catching feature.

8. Custom Lighting

One bathroom trend for 2022 is enhancing the light in the bathroom space. Whether done through artificial or natural means, renovating the space to add different position windows or a skylight can help add greater ambiance and turn the room into a more relaxing environment.

Another consideration is incorporating various LED lighting options with dimmer switches to help you find the right lighting level for your needs and keep the mood enhanced.

9. Personal Touches

Nothing says customization like choosing designs you have created with your own hands. From hand-painted wall murals to quirky hardware, don’t be afraid to put your personal touches on your bathroom design. In 2022, being authentic to yourself IS IN!

10. Rustic Meets Conservative

Rustic is a fabulous option in almost any room, and this is no different when it comes to the bathroom. Combining mid-century inspired items with newer and more colorful vanities or millwork is one growing trend. These create a classic and streamlined design that might be the change you need.

11. Bold Textiles

When it comes to adding color, you are not limited to just cabinets or the walls. Choosing items like vintage rugs, window treatments, or even favorite fabrics can help tie the room together and create an aesthetic that shows you truly want to make a bold statement.

12. Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that won’t go away for good reasons. In a lot of cases, having an overabundance of decorations and details can be overwhelming.

Using bathroom remodeling ideas that minimize the number of items in the area can help keep the focus on the room’s simple beauty and give you fewer materials to have to maintain.

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