Spa-Like Master Bathroom Essentials
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Spa-Like Master Bathroom Essentials

You want your home to reflect comfort and style, and you may have been considering hiring home remodeling contractors to complete this. Your bathroom is meant to be a space where you can relax and rest after a long day, so it is essential to find ways to incorporate more essentials to achieve this. We have compiled some of the top ways to help create a more luxurious master bathroom to make the process easier for you, so keep reading for more information.

Consider Your Bathtub and Shower

When you think of luxury in a bathroom, what do you envision? It might be the paint color for some, but it might be a clawfoot tub for others. Many homes that are considered high-end are now equipped with showers that can radiate lighting, sounds, or even sense to give you the whole sensory experience. Upgrading your tub or shower with a master bathroom remodel can both help contribute to a more luxurious bathroom area that you can not wait to slip into.

Marble is an Elegant Addition

When it comes to creating a feeling of class, marble is one of the best choices on the market to choose from. Whether you're looking to install a vanity top or something more extravagant like marble shower walls, this stone is a great choice. It offers a creamy texture that can create a look you want to show off.

What About Double Options?

Another popular choice is adding in a double vanity. These are also known as his and her sinks, adding an exceptional air of elegance in class. If the area does not allow for double sinks, you might consider investing in a large mirror above the sink to help create the feeling of a larger space in the bathroom.

Enhance Your Shelving

Installing open shelving can also help by creating an area decorated with items like specialty towels or fancy soaps that would be used in a spa-like setting. You could adorn it with scented candles, and it can also help for organizational purposes to make the area more versatile.

Update Fixtures

Another spa-quality that could be added is to install dispensers in your shower or tub area. Including items like soaps, shampoos, or even lotions can all help contribute to the feeling of self-care and nurturing that only visiting a spa can bring.

Professional and Expert Services

Creating a spa-like feeling in your home doesn't have to be a complicated process, and Redebu Builders are here to offer you unmatched quality craftsmanship. Our passion is to provide all our clients with enhancements and upgrades to the homes that they love. We specialize in different services, including kitchen remodeling ideas and home additions that will last through the years.


We offer a free in-home consultation in Minnesota, so contact us online or give us a call at 612-298-4302 today.

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