Home Remodeling Design Trends 2022
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Home Remodeling Design Trends 2022

Whether you are just moving in or have been in your home for years, It is not unusual for individuals to want to consider calling a home remodeling company to make some significant or subtle changes.

Trying to choose the right new look can be confusing, so in this article, we will discuss some popular trends to give you a better idea of what is available.

Open Up the Kitchen Space

If you spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen area, this can be a good starting point. One of the most common remodeling projects that are completed is in this space, and whether you decide to add in custom kitchen cabinets or remove a wall to create a larger space, these trends can be dramatic changes that can enhance the area.

Bring in Some Curves

Another design to consider is moving away from the traditional straight-line look. Adding in changes like creating an arched opening or windows can help add to the property's overall value and offer a new look you love.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the most vital parts of the home to relax, so enhancing it can make the experience that much better. There are many different ways to create a spa-like feeling, including a jacuzzi tub, dimming lights, or even a customized rain shower to help enhance the space and make it a more relaxing environment.

Enhance Play Areas

There are many different ideas on the Internet about ways to upgrade any play spaces in the home, and this can be considered another addition that can help increase the property's value. It is beneficial to have a space that fosters learning and play, and this can be created by adding customized shelving and designated areas for the kids.

Get Outdoors

Being inside when the weather is getting nice is challenging, so why not create an outdoor space that can be considered part of the home. Building a patio, installing a deck, or even building a kitchen are other remodeling trends that are growing in popularity.

Investments in Sustainability

With environmental issues becoming the forefront for enhanced design options, sustainability is a key feature for 2022. Adding in skylights for less use of artificial lighting options, repurposed flooring, and natural materials like cork and bamboo are being reinvented to bring eco-friendliness to another level. High-performance windows combined with energy and water-efficient appliances can also contribute to a positive effect in your home and on the world.

Multifunctional Spaces

With more individuals needing more flexibility for learning and work, another trend is having multifunctional rooms. Rooms are being redesigned to help accommodate things like classroom time, work, or even recreating a gym environment. Kitchen islands can be multi-purpose, and designing dedicated nooks in the space can help maintain a sense of organization and create a larger return on investment if you decide to sell.

Heated Flooring

Comfort is in demand, and one way to help negate this is by investing in heated floors. Walking across a cold tile floor can be uncomfortable, especially on winter mornings, and a heated floor is an easy and inexpensive option making this a perfect addition for 2022.

Optimal Organization

Minimalism has been around for decades, but it is another trend that's been growing in popularity lately. The concept of decluttering and removing anything from the space that doesn't bring joy has gained in strides. So, investing in streamlined storage solutions with additions like under-bed containers, pull-out shelves for the kitchen cabinets, and cubbies in entry spaces can make the space more efficient and feel less cluttered.

Increased Textures

Texture is turning out to be one of the biggest trends of 2022. Removing that flat drywall finish and adding a surface you want to engage with can help enhance the entire area. Basic wall paint is moving out, and visual interest and enhanced dimensions are moving in. 3D wall panels are also trending because they can help foster a contemporary and modern feeling in the room.

Redebu Builders: Exceptional and Trusted Services

Making changes in a home is not an unusual process, and it can be beneficial to update and make changes as trends come and go to maintain value. Whether you are looking for whole-house remodeling or a basement remodel, Redebu Builders are your locally owned Minnesota company you can trust.

We create beautiful designs that our clients love, so message us for a free consultation or call at 612-298-4302 today.

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