5 Unique Home Additions Ideas
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5 Unique Home Additions Ideas

If you are considering expanding the space of your home, an addition is an excellent way to transform the area and increase the value of your home simultaneously!

Additions can be as large as adding a second story or as small as increasing a pantry's floor space to help optimize storage. Narrowing down the options can feel like a challenge, so to help inspire you, Redebu Builders are here with five brilliant home addition ideas.

1. Provide a Study Space

Electronics are in almost every room in homes now, making it more challenging for kids to finish their homework without having a distraction around them. Designing a separate room with no electronics like video games or TVs, along with a desk and comfortable chairs, might be needed to help keep your child focused and ensure they complete their work.

2. Enhance Your Entertainment

While a basement or living room is a great space for entertainment, a home theater might be a great addition for avid movie buffs. While this might sound like an expensive endeavor, it can be done on a budget, and instead of expensive seats, consider using bean bag chairs, comfortable couches, and a projector screen instead of a large TV.

3. Create a Welcoming Guest Area

When guests visit, you want them to feel like they are in a home away from home, and adding a customized guest bedroom could be the answer. Utilizing an unfinished basement or creating an apartment over an existing garage not only provides a sense of privacy, but the space can be rented out as extra income when not in use.

4. Build Out An Extra Bathroom

If your family size has been growing or your lifestyle has changed, a bathroom addition can help offer extra amenities to create ease of use and more space for guests. The average return on this type of addition is around 67%, making it an optimal addition that increases your overall property value.

For homeowners looking to upgrade their master-suite, adding on to or renovating their master bathroom is a great place to start! Here are a few tips on how to make your bathroom extra spa-like.

5. Get Outside With a Deck Addition

Even though a deck may not technically count as a room in the house, it is a highly welcoming addition for any household. A beautiful exterior space for socializing and relaxing could be an enticing addition that helps enhance functionality and encourages spending more time in nature.

Expert Installations With Redebu Builders

Choosing the right addition for your home starts by understanding your needs, and working with a trusted general contractor can help. Redebu Builders are experts in home remodeling in Minneapolis, and we offer high-level renovation and construction services customized to our client's vision.

Our design process is streamlined to exceed your expectations, so message us online or call us at 612.298.4302 to get started.

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